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Latur Airport is a public airport situated near Chincholiraowadi which is about 12 kilometres west of the city of Latur, in Maharashtra state, India. The airport was constructed in the year 1991 by the Public Works Department (PWD). Thereafter, it was handed over to Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation in 2000.

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Latur Tour

This city of Latur is one of the most historical cities of Maharashtra. King 'Amoghvarsha' of Rashtrakutas developed this city. Latur city is widely reckoned for 'Ganjgolai' as the central place of the city. The main plan for 'Ganjgolai Chowk' was laid by town planner Shri Faiyajuddin.


The Latur city is widely known for the striking Siddheswar temple built by King Tamradwaj. Tourists also visit the temples of Bhuteswar, Ramlingeswar, Keshavraj, Ram, and Dutta. These temples add to the ancient cultural heritage of Latur. The most beautiful monuments of the city are siuated at the Darga of Surat Shahvalli. The temples of Astavinayak and Parshavanath are also celebrated for their architectural marvel.


Lord Siddheshwara

In the year 1881 Lokmanya Tilak started a ginning and pressing factory at Latur. The development of Latur city received a boost after 1982 when it was declared as the district Headquarters. The growth of industries through the medium of Maharashtra Industries Development Corporation has been a boon for Latur. As a part of the infra-structure development, an air strip is also constructed and maintained by the MIDC at Latur.


Udgir is one of the most important towns of Latur district. It possesses a great historical significance. The place has also been recognized for witnessing the war between the Marathas and the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1761. The fort of Udgir is bounded by a 40 feet deep trench and home to several palaces Durbar halls and the Samadhi of Udaygir Maharaj.


Hattibet-Devarjan this is a stunning place near Udgir. Located on a small hill is the Samadhi of Gangaram Maharaj. The place is reckoned for cave carvings.


Ausa has an old historical fort which today is in ruins. It also houses a huge 300 years old temple of Virnath Maharaj ago.


Kharosa is a small village known for its caves built in the 6th century. One can see beautiful sculptures of Narsinha, Kartikeya, Shiv Parvati, Ravan here. Other places of tourist interest include Ausa Fort, Nilanga, Shirpur Anatpal, Chakur, and many more.


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